Why Choose 360 IT Guru?

Based in North Carolina, 360 IT Guru is one of the leading providers of website design and mobile app development services for small and medium sized businesses.

Our team are highly professional and experienced and offer excellent designs and appealing visuals to build intuitive interfaces.

Together with our developers and programmers, we design software, mobile, and web applications to help our clients achieve their business goals and aspirations. Whether you need a website, a mobile application, a software application, or all three, we can help you scale your organization to the next level. We blend our creative expertise, unique methodology, advanced technology and application development skills to provide you with designs and applications of the highest quality.

When you choose us for your website design and mobile application development project, we partner with you and function as an extension of your team rather than as a separate agency.

Our goal is to help you establish a strong digital presence that helps you improve your brand visibility and performance and bolsters your business growth and productivity.

We’re always happy to meet our clients in person if located in the surrounding area. Alternatively, we can meet virtually via Zoom or Skype.

We, offer quick and timely delivery of your projects.

We focus on your existing and future requirements by taking your target clients and end goals into consideration.

Our team of web designers and application programmers adopt a multi-disciplinary approach and have a long and successful history of delivering positive results on time.

We allocate optimum resources and utilize sophisticated technologies and techniques to provide outstanding designs and user-friendly applications.

We offer a free initial consultation for your project. Our pricing is transparent, enabling you to have a clear budget for the project.

What our Client Says

Never interfere with pains at times annoying main reason we come into the system, to achieve it. Any discomfort often takes them were accepted.

Testimonial author

Ketal Patel

I had a great experience working with 360ITGURU to create my website. Shilpa who is Owner/Project Manager provided excellent customer service and understood my requirements and worked with me to create the site I envisioned.