Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Development

Highly interactive AR/VR Development Services to Help your Business Drive User Engagement

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality is a next-generation technology, which can transform healthcare, education, research, defense, construction, manufacturing, retail, modeling, and other industries. 360 IT Guru are equipped with experienced developers along with a creative team to replicated your idea for all platforms.

Transform Your Ideas?

Visions can be represented only if the application has all the aspects of reality and creativity fused in it. Our developers use this principle to design application in a digital world by integrating realistic experiences. Real world aspects such as sound, motion, images, and reality aspects along with imaginary vision such as graphics, location-based tracking, and the digital interface will help in transforming your ideas into a product.

AR Development

We believe in integrating innovation, modern trend and scalability to our apps, which includes complete AR packages from 360 degrees immersive experience, 3D modeling and visualization, real-time character identifications, AR interactive training, 60-degree panoramic imaging, location services, 2D & 3D Game, Cross-platform support, and other services. As we are a one-stop service provider, you can rest assured that you will get unmatched AR application development solutions at an affordable cost within the stipulated time.

Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality App

Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality is a go-to technology to showcase your product in an effective manner so that your audience, customers or the project team understands every detail of your product. We, at 360 IT Guru are one of the leading company, which provides creative VR app development solutions with high compatibility app, which can be used on any VR device or platform including Samsung VR gear, Acer VR and mixed reality, HTC Vive, Hololens, Oculus, and other world-class VR manufacturers. VR is different from AR as it is mainly virtual without any physical reality aspects. As a team, we prefer to give a more realistic feel through high customization and graphic design within the interactive design of the app.


We constantly keep in touch with our clients to update on the progress and inform them on how we are moving ahead with the app development process to fulfill business needs. After the development, a detailed tour will be given to the clients so that they can understand each and every aspect of the app.

App Development Process

The app development process is the same for both AR and VR apps but the process is dynamic in nature and as a result, our customers can track, and modify the design objectives.

Why Choose Us

  • Exceptional UI/UX Designs.
  • Provides Robust AR, and Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality App development solutions.
  • Client-Based Engagement Model.
  • A Team of Highly Skilled, Experienced and Expert Developers.
  • Support with Creative Team.
  • 3D Content Development.
  • Cross-platform App support
  • Interactive apps for Learning and training
  • Vast Modern and Adaptive Technical Expertise.
  • Fast Prototype Development
  • We use Advanced Technology And Track Modern Trend
  • We Provide AR and VR Training Services, and VR Simulations for Defense, Aircraft, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, etc.

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