Wedding Soda – Wedding Planner App Development

A more orgenized Wedding for everyone.



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If you’re looking for a better way to wed, here it is! Wedding Soda has everything you need to keep you, your wedding party and guests informed and on top of things!
Wedding soda is an interactive website that allows the entire wedding party and guests to receive invitations, budgets, timelines, directions and reminders for their individual tasks and roles.








Keep your team organized by giving them tasks and a checklist! You can even set a reminder for each task and have notice when each member’s task is done!


This is a feature of the champagne package that tells each team member how much their involvement in the wedding will cost! As you upload each task and item, you can help them to keep track of the cost of their involvement!

Celebrate on Social

With this feature, your team members can post their excitement from accepting their invitation to participate in the wedding! All their friends and family can see on Facebook or Twitter who’s wedding they joined!

Save the dates & invite

No need to look elsewhere for invitations with this Soda & Champagne feature. You can customize and send digital invites to your entire guest list straight from wedding soda!